Our company of lawyers in International and France Tax Law, Tax and Business criminal law (tax fraud, tax fraud laundering) has been assisting companies, their managers, and individuals involved in tax and financial cases (Transfer Pricing, setting up in France, - Tax evasion, offshore company, etc.) in France and abroad for more than 25 years.


Consequently, our attorneys intervene in all cases involving international tax law, including the criminal law of business (tax fraud, tax fraud laundering, abuse of social property, hidden work, etc.), including in the context of emergency proceedings (search, tax investigation, right of visit and seizure, tax search, tax flagrance, custody, free hearing, bank account seizure, etc.).


We can help with:


•Intervention in all types of tax investigations;

•Immediate assistance in "crisis situations" challenging the legality of arrests, dawn raids, search warrants, and other coercive powers;

•Representation at the police station or during Crown Court proceedings;

•In addition, we can provide specialized counsel for money laundering proceedings.


This allows us to implement precautionary measures and/or attend surveillance and other proceedings in a timely manner, if necessary.


This lengthy practice in business taxation and criminal law has allowed us to establish a solid reputation, as exemplified by the numerous media appearances of Mr. Mabrouk SASSI, an attorney, in reputable publications (L'Express, Les Échos, L'Expansion, L'Entreprise, BFM Radio, etc.).


Our clients are corporations and individuals located in France (including Dom Tom) and abroad (European Union, United States (U.S.), Turkey, Middle East, Africa, Maghreb, Afrique, Asie, etc.).