The Role of Tracfin in France in International Money Laundering Cases

The Role of Tracfin in France in International Money Laundering Cases

The Role of Tracfin in France in International Money Laundering Cases


Tracfin, which stands for Traitement du Renseignement et Action contre les Circuits Financiers clandestins (Processing of Intelligence and Action Against Clandestine Financial Circuits), is the French financial intelligence department. Under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Tracfin plays a crucial role in investigating money laundering in France and even in Europe as whole. This agency was established to monitor and analyze suspicious financial transactions and prevent financial crimes, including money laundering (www.Economie.gouv ).


Missions and Activities


Combating Financial Crime: Tracfin collects, analyzes, and utilizes financial data to identify clandestine financial rings and illicit activities. The data comes primarily from suspicious activity reports filed by must-report binded entities (banks, accountants, notaries, real estate agents, art salespeople, etc.) and information shared by international partners.


Investigation Powers: Tracfin has the legal power to obtain information from financial institutions and other entities subject to reporting obligations. This includes the right to communications, thus allowing, for example, the reconstruction of transactions carried out by a suspect person or company.


International Cooperation: Tracfin works closely with foreign financial intelligence crime teams and international organizations such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).


Impacts and Results


In 2021, Tracfin opened 165,171 financial crime cases and sent 3,242 files to judicial authorities or other intelligence agencies, demonstrating its key role in combating money laundering. The number of processed information has significantly increased in recent years, reflecting the increased domestic and international concern, which has nowadays become one of the highest priorities in all Western countries.


Challenges and Perspectives


Despite its successes, Tracfin faces challenges, notably the uneven quality of suspicious activity reports from different professional sectors. Continuous training efforts are necessary to ensure that all concerned professionals are well-equipped to identify and report suspicious activities.




Tracfin plays an indispensable role in protecting the French economy against international financial threats. With its investigative powers, international cooperation, and expertise in financial analysis, Tracfin is a major player in the prevention and fight against money laundering.


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